※ The purpose of the collection and processing of personal information

◎ KOTRA collects personal information for the following purposes:
① the implementation of services and service providers in accordance with the contract price settlement
② Contents provided
③ Membership Management (Membership services for the usage of personal identification, prevention of unauthorized use of defective members and unauthorized use prevention, physician and confirmed, such as complaint handling complaints)
④ Utilization in marketing and advertising (Advertising information and events transfer, hold, or frequency of the statistics for service members)

◎ Collected items of personal information
Items collected are : login ID, password, name, e-mail, phone number, mobile phone number, address, company name, company website, establishment year, annual sales amount, number of employees, company address, company introduction, import experience from Korea, Other business experience with Korea or KOTRA, access logs, cookies, IP information, acoompanying colleagues’ information, language skill.
KOTRA can collect personal information through webpage(http://www.gtt.or.kr) > Apply to 'events' menu.

◎ For the promotion of respective programs in Global TransporTech, KOTRA can publicize the following non-personal information during preparation of the event : Company name, country, business type, related vehicle, website, company introduction, interested product information

◎ Period of possession and use of personal information
After KOTRA achieves the purpose of the information, the collected items of personal information shall be discarded without delay & exception.

※ The consignment of personal information to the 3rd party

◎ In order to implement Global TransporTech business services, KOTRA can consign personal information processes to the external company speicialized in data-processing system.

◎ Consigning tasks to the external company is strictly limited to cases where its handling is compulsory for services. KOTRA shall ensure security of personal information with a range of measures such as personal information direction observance, using secretive policies for information protection, prohibition on information disclosure to other 3rd party, assuming responsibility for mishandling of information, returning or destroying personal information when its purpose is met and monitor consigned company’s activities.

◎ When the tasks consigned to external company are changed, KOTRA shall report changes through notice menu on website.
- Name of the consigned company : Micehub
- Tasks consigned : Membership management, membership registration, website & system development and management for personal information check.